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Plan your weekend adventure with DNR

March 7, 2014

Looking for something to do this weekend? Plan an outdoor adventure on DNR-managed lands.

Try Something New
Don’t let cool weather hold you back. This time of year you can go hiking, mountain biking, trail running, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, horseback riding, off-road vehicle riding, camping, bird watching, free flying (hang gliding and paragliding), and many other activities.


The 67 miles of groomed snow trails at Ahtanum Winter Recreation Area are waiting to be explored. Click to learn more. Photo: Ken Dean/DNR

If you can dream up a fun outdoor activity, you can probably find a group doing it on state-trust lands.

Plan Ahead
The key to a good trip out into nature is to make sure you’re prepared. Here are some things to consider before striking out into the great outdoors:

Explore some DNR recreation photos on our Flickr site to get inspired for your next outdoor adventure.

Most importantly, have fun on your trip.

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Rec Alert: Murdock Beach access road open after brief closure for soil testing

March 6, 2014

Ruby Beach, located on the Washington Coast. Photo: Jane Chavey/ DNR

All work has been completed and the Murdock Beach access forest road is once again open to the public.

Thank you for your patience!

Original article posted February 27, 2014:

Rec Alert: Murdock Beach access road to close for soil testing
The forest road that accesses Murdock Beach will be closed Tuesday, March 4 and Wednesday, March 5 for soil testing.

Murdock Beach, located on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, will not be accessible during this time.

The temporary closure will be at the junction of US Highway 112 and forest road PA-S-2500. This will block access to the PA-S-2510 beach access road and the PA-S-2600 forest access road.

Why will the road be closed?
The DNR Timber Sales program will be taking core samples of the forest road to determine soil suitability. This is a step in preparing for a fish barrier culvert removal.

Murdock Beach access road closure

The forest road that accesses Murdock Beach will be closed March 4 – 5. Click image to enlarge.

For updates on the closure, please visit DNR’s recreation updates page. Closure updates will also be posted on DNR’s Facebook and Twitter sites.

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DNR Volunteer Heroes are at it again! Annual Great Gravel Pack-In

March 4, 2014

Great Gravel Pack-In

Great Gravel Pack-In volunteers are happy to help rain or shine! Photo by: Diana Lofflin/DNR

At DNR, we could not do the work we do without the help of our volunteers statewide. 

The Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark presents an annual Volunteer Hero Award to honor extraordinary volunteers who demonstrate leadership and commitment in their service to the DNR Volunteer Program.

The time of year has come where our Volunteer Heroes are at it again. They just can’t help leading volunteer efforts and they are looking for people who are willing to strap on their work gloves and join in the work. (more…)

Celebrate Boy Scouts’ Day the Boy Scout way

February 21, 2014
boy scout volunteers

These little scouts spent the day picking up trash at Tarbell Campground for DNR.
Photo by Josh Riepe/DNR 2013

Just a few weeks past, was the celebration of Boy Scouts’ Day. Boy Scouts’ Day marks the day when Boy Scouts of America was officially incorporated.

There are many ways this day is observed all over the country. This day is also used by Cub Scouts to hold their banquets and award ceremonies where they can become Boy Scouts. This day has been celebrated since 1910 when the BSA was founded in America.

Boy Scouts help out DNR
Boy Scout troops often do community service and service projects with DNR, such as the campfire safety PSA (shown below) a troop created with DNR for Wildfire Awareness Week 2012.

They also build bridges, fix trails, and clean up recreation sites.

There are many troops who take the Boy Scouts’ Day as another day to help with cleaning up trails and keeping parks in tip top shape. These projects don’t just happen one day a year, but this day is a great reminder of what can still be done to help out.

Get involved
You can get involved just like the Boy Scouts by hopping over onto the DNR volunteer calendar. We look forward to seeing you out and about.

Special thanks to all the troops to lend a hand on DNR-managed recreation lands!

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Plan your V-Day getaway on DNR recreation lands

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Wait, did you forget…?

Plan a fun trip to DNR-managed recreation lands this Valentine's Day!

Plan a fun trip to DNR-managed recreation lands this Valentine’s Day!

Still scrambling to plan a romantic getaway? Or perhaps searching for a single’s adventure to escape all the hearts and flowers?

Plan your trip today at

Just because you forgot to plan Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you should go unprepared. 


Have fun!

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Wish you were here?

February 13, 2014
High Hut at Mount Tahoma

Book your adventure to the Mount Tahoma Snow Huts on DNR-managed state trust lands today at

Winter recreation season is finally in full swing. The mountains are covered in snow and Eastern Washington’s trails are groomed and ready for snowmobiling, skiing, and snowshoeing.

Planning a trip to see the snow? We at DNR want you to have the opportunity to enjoy some winter outdoor adventures, but we want you to be safe.

mountain bikers riding a snowy trail

Winter outdoor recreation takes many shapes on DNR-managed lands.
Photo: Randy Warnock/DNR

Safety first for winter recreation
Whether you snowshoe, cross country ski, hike, or snowmobile, you should be prepared.

Here are some tips to follow for a safe and enjoyable trip:

Snow mobile

Don’t get out on the trails without proper permits! Make it a fun day and know before you go.
Photo: Chuck Lamica, DNR

Snowmobilers should follow all of the aforementioned as well as know their ability to ride on or off groomed trails.

Wear protective equipment with Washington Department of Transportation approved helmets. Never carry a passenger unless the snowmobile is designed for it. Always avoid alcohol while operating a snowmobile and ride responsibly.

Sno-Park Permit, Discover Pass, or both?
Don’t forget to grab your Sno-Park Permit or Discover Pass before you head out.

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Take the Reiter Foothills Forest ORV Trail Survey

February 7, 2014

Have you had a chance to ride the new 4×4, ATV, or single-track motorcycle trails at Reiter Foothills Forest?

Reiter 4x4

Tell us about your experience riding the new trails at Reiter Foothills Forest. Photo: DNR/Sue Jensen

DNR staff want to know what you think! In just five minutes, you can take the survey. Your input will help DNR staff to make informed decisions while shaping the future motorized trails.

Take the Survey
mouse graphicGo online and take the survey today at

Reiter dirt bike motorcycle

Trail construction at Reiter continues year-round.
Photo: DNR/Jessica Payne

Survey results will inform trail planners and land managers as they develop future recreation opportunities in the Reiter Foothills Forest.

Help us get the word out. Share the survey with your friends and family.

Reiter Foothills Forest Motorized Trail System
The motorized trail system at Reiter Foothills Forest is open to the public Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Want to learn about the history and planning process? Need directions to Reiter? Or just want to know the nitty-gritty on the new trail systems?

Visit the Reiter Foothills Forest Recreation Planning webpage and get maps, trail guides, and details on the area.

Volunteer at Reiter
February kicks off a new series of volunteer work parties at Reiter Foothills Forest.


Join DNR staff and other volunteers to build and maintain motorized and non-motorized trails at Reiter. Photo: DNR/Toni Droscher

These parties will focus on trail maintenance for the motorized trail system and trail construction for both the motorized and future non-motorized trail systems.

To get started, join DNR staff at the Deer Flats Mainline gate at 9 a.m. on Saturday, February 22, to work trail maintenance on the ATV and single-track motorcycle trails.

Learn more and get directions on the DNR Volunteer Calendar.

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Are You Ready to Discover #BeastMode?

February 2, 2014

Sasquatch family spotted buying Discover Pass – the vehicle access pass required on all Washington state-managed recreation lands including state parks.

Take a walk on ‘the wild side’ and discover Washington’s natural resources.

Sasquatch spotted using Discover Pass

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The 12th bird: See it live at West Tiger Mountain NRCA

January 17, 2014

Osprey diving with wings folded, head first and at the last second thrusting its talons downward into the water. The osprey is the only raptor that will plunge into the water to catch a fish. Photo: Rodney Cammauf/National Park Service.

If the anticipation of this Sunday’s NFC playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers whets your curiosity about hawks, or you just want a good place to hike this weekend, consider one of the many recreation areas managed by DNR, such as West Tiger Mountain Natural Resources Conservation Area. This 4,430-acre site is 35 miles east of Seattle and protects a vast variety of rare ecosystems and many species of native western Washington wildlife. Children can delight in knowing they are walking through the habitat of deer, cougar, bobcats, black bear, coyote, elk, red-tailed hawks, osprey (AKA SEA HAWK), owl, and woodpecker. This area is an excellent outdoor classroom with an education shelter, interpretive displays, and accessible trails.

Head into nature today! Studies show that nature exposure and education can help students excel in classroom subjects as well. The trip can also teach kids about the importance of state-protected rare species and their habitat. So, grab your children (and their friends) and hit the trail. Rain or shine, grab your Discover Pass and head out for some extra-curricular activities!

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Winter winds can make recreation hazardous

January 10, 2014
storm damage

Use caution as the forest can be a hazardous place on windy days.
Photo by: DNR/Christine Redmond

Washington’s typical winter weather is finally upon us, and with it comes rain, wind, snow, and storms.

Use extra caution
This wild weather may inspire you to strap on your raincoat and hit the forest for a hike or recreation adventure, but DNR staff would like you to use caution and stay safe.

With winter storms rolling through our state, please be careful out in the forest during high winds. Windy weather can be very dangerous to recreationists in the woods when trees, limbs, and other debris fall.

Report hazards
If you come across windfall blocking roads or trails, please contact our region offices listed below to inform them so we can get folks out as quickly as possible to remedy the situation.



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