Weekend reading: 6 articles on science and the environment

Woody biomass
Woody biomass can be moved from forests to mills by container truck, but converting it to liquid (such as bio-oil) onsite can reduce transportation costs. Photo: Michael Westbrook/University of Georgia

Here are six articles for weekend reading… maybe you’ll enjoy relaxing with these this afternoon after you’ve put in a few hours at one of the National Trails Day events Saturday morning across Washington State.

U.S. Endowment for Forestry & Communities, Inc.
Wood2Energy: A state of the science and technology report

National Renewable Energies Laboratory
Study Shows Power Grid can Accommodate Large Increase in Wind and Solar Generation

Green (NY Times blog)
A Bullish View of Wind Power Out West

New York Times
Going Solar Is Harder Than It Looks, a Valley Finds

Nature: Naturenews
Risk of giant quake off American west coast goes up

St. Louis Today.com
Trees, farms do mix

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