Our top posts for July: Ear to the Ground articles that grabbed readers’ attention

Old Growth Forest
Ancient cedar-hemlock stand near Forks. Photo: Steve Curry/DNR.

Here are the some of the most popular postings on DNR’s Ear to the Ground during July 2010:

Red flag warning has DNR, Swakane Fire crews and Eastern Washington residents keeping close eye on weather (July 12, 2010): As fire weather conditions worsened, crews from DNR and other agencies worked to contain a large wildfire in Swakane (‘swah – cane‘) Canyon, north of Wenatchee. read the rest of the blog

Can you have a campfire in Washington State or not? (July 22, 2010): DNR’s statewide burn ban in effect until September 30, 2010 bans outdoor burning of any sort on all forestlands under DNR fire protection with the exception of campfires in designated campgrounds. read the rest of the blog

If you come across a bear, don’t turn and run! (July 12, 2010): A DNR employee does the right thing in a recent encounter with a black bear near Poulsbo.  read the rest of the blog

How does DNR identify old growth forests? (July 21, 2010): The definition of “old growth” forest that is highly valued for its habitat to many species, as well as its beauty, is more than just ‘big, old trees.’  read the rest of the blog

How does the Gulf oil spill relate to Puget Sound? (July 8, 2010): A map from the Washington Department of Ecology shows the BP Gulf oil spill in relation to Puget Sound. read the rest of the blog

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