DNR Forum: Recreation on DNR-managed lands — “Conversation Starters”

DNR Forum logoThe Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will host a weeklong ‘Forum’ about recreation on DNR-managed lands beginning Monday, September 13. This is DNR’s second forum; the first addressed issues related to geoduck aquaculture last May.

The forum is not a popularity contest; there are no votes. The forum is an opportunity for you, the public, to bring new information or ideas to our attention—and a way for us to engage citizens from across Washington on important issues that affect state lands.

Each day next week, DNR will publish conversation starters to generate ideas about the various issues and points of view around recreation on DNR-managed lands. We hope this will guide a thoughtful and focused discussion for each day.

Responses in the forum will each be limited to 2,000 characters, or around 400 words—feel free to add hyperlinks into your posts if appropriate to the subject matter. (We recommend using bit.ly or a similar service to create shorter web links that won’t eat up your 2,000 character/400 word post limit.)

Keep in mind, your responses will not immediately post to the DNR Forum. DNR will moderate the responses for topic relevancy and inappropriate remarks (foul language or personal attacks on other contributors). We will moderate the conversation between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you add a response to a day’s conversation starter after 5 p.m., we will moderate that question the following day.

The schedule of conversation starters:

Monday, September 13 – Recreational Use
A two-part question: What types of recreation activities do you participate in on DNR-managed lands and where on DNR-managed lands do you like to recreate? How has recreation on DNR-managed lands changed over the years?

Tuesday, September 14 – Enforcement, Education and Safety
How can DNR ensure an appropriate level of law enforcement and provide an adequate awareness and education program for visitors to safely recreate on DNR-managed lands?

Wednesday, September 15 – Funding
In 2009, the Sustainable Recreation Work Group developed recommendations to the Washington State Legislature for sustainable funding and improved access for recreation on DNR-managed lands. Which of these recommendations do you favor? Do you have any other suggestions?

Thursday, September 16 – Planning
Which criteria do you think DNR should use to help select areas to focus on when developing recreation plans that can ensure safe and enjoyable recreation opportunities while protecting the state’s natural resources and environment?

Friday, September 17
** DNR will select a final conversation starter based on the discussion throughout the week.

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