Storms and tree damage: Good tree health improves survival odds

wind damage
Outbuildings damaged by a tree that fell in a 2008 windstorm. Photo: DNR

Big storms can mean big damage to trees and big bills to you if a tree or large limbs fall on your house, car… or a person. We can’t prevent the storms but there are ways to reduce the damage winds can can cause to your trees. How? Keep your trees in tip-top shape with regular maintenance.

DNR operates the state’s Urban & Community Forestry program, which is funded largely by the U.S. Forest Service to help you and your community keep that healthy, green canopy — your trees — in good shape. Proper pruning means careful cutting, not topping; smart staking; and thoughtful planting as this video about tree care explains.

For more details about assessing storm damage, here’s what forest landowners look for after a storm.

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