Updated map of reported landslides

DNR Landslide Map-Jan 14, 2011
Reported landslides. Map is updated periodically. CLICK on the map to enlarge the map image. Map: Isabelle Sarikhan/DNR

January 14 (12:15 p.m.) — This map updates our reported landslides from Jan 13-14. So far, only four slides have been reported to us: three yesterday and one today. The newest landslide reported is along 101, at milepost 331, just north of the cut-off to Lake Cushman. This is not (so far) producing landslides on the scale of the December 11-12 storm event that produced more than 50 reported landslides. Unfortunately, there’s more rain to come this weekend in Western Washington.

Thanks to everyone who is helping DNR keep its landslide database up to date by reporting slides — even smaller ones — to us. A photo and an address or the names of nearest intersecting streets is always helpful when you file a report. Here’s how to report a landslide to DNR

More information and links about landslides in Washington State.

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