Cypress Island Restoration

Creosote pilings and footing removed from Secret Harbor dock

It’s a new year with new and exciting restoration projects around Puget Sound. As outlined in DNR’s strategic plan, cleaning up the Sound is one of the top priorities of Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark. With more than 2.6 million acres of aquatic lands under DNR management, doing our part to clean-up and restore the Sound back to health is an enormous responsibility.

Currently, the DNR aquatic restoration program, in partnership with the DNR natural areas program is working to remove an old dock from Secret Harbor, Cypress Island, which is located within the Cypress Island Natural Resource Conservation Area as well as within DNR’s Aquatic Reserve. The dock is located in waters too shallow for consistent use, and is quickly falling apart causing old debris and waste to pollute the water.

In addition to the dock, DNR is removing 59 creosote-treated pilings around the island including those at Strawberry Bay, Eagle Harbor, Deepwater Bay, and the southeast point of the island. Removing creosote pilings from our waterways will keep toxins away from fish and wildlife, and out of other aquatic habitats.

View Cypress Island restoration photos at our flickr site.

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