Defend your home from fire! Ciscoe Morris shows you how

[youtube: you know how to defend your home from fire? No, not standing on the roof with a garden hose, but keeping the landscaping around your house healthy and fire resistant – especially important if you live in a rural area.

Ciscoe Morris, master gardener and certified arborist, narrates four shows made for TV that are now on YouTube. The Ciscoe on: Fire topics include:  Communities Taking Action; Beetle Invasion; Fighting Fire with Flowers; and Fire Resistant Home and Landscaping Ideas.

The potential for fire danger in the forests, including urban and community forests, is increasing.

What you can do

People are moving into the urban interface, where forests meet the edge of communities. Ciscoe Morris demonstrates to homeowners how you can better protect yourself from wildfire.

Prevention is the key – not only knowing what steps to take but also being aware of what is going on in the surrounding environment. Forests that are overcrowded and contain many dead trees are signs of an unhealthy forest. Watch for these signs in the greenbelts or forested areas close to your home. Dead and dying trees ultimately mean more fuel for a fire.

Protect your home and community in the event of a wildfire by:

  • keeping the trees and vegetation in your yard watered
  • keeping vegetation and materials that could become fuel for a fire farther away from the home 
  • consulting with a certified arborist for diagnosing disease, pruning or thinning
  • consulting with local landscape professionals, who are a great source for advice and products 

Landscaping offers one of the best returns on investments for homes, and by incorporating some fire resistant techniques, can give some peace of mind.

This four-part series on wildfire prevention topics is in partnership with three members of the Northwest Compact: Washington State, the Province of British Columbia and the Province of Alberta. The Northwest Wildland Fire Compact is a fire protection agreement used to share resources across borders to promote effective prevention, pre-suppression and control of wildland fires.

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