Now is the perfect time to get ready for emergencies

Red Cross Emergency KitAs our hearts go out to the people of Japan, we need to keep in mind that the same natural disasters can happen in Washington. The question is…are you ready? We are reminded many times throughout the year to be prepared for natural disasters. That’s important because they can occur about as fast as we can blink.

We may have a tendency to think that natural disasters will not happen where we live. They will — it’s just a matter of time. We have to accept this as reality and assume responsibility by taking action to prepare ourselves, our loved ones, homes, pets, and neighborhoods.

Be prepared: What to include in an emergency kit

Here’s a list of things to include in an emergency kit.

  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. First aid kit
  4. Medications, medical supplies and information 
  5. Tools and supplies 
  6. Sanitation supplies
  7. Clothing and bedding
  8. Important family documents 
  9. Entertainment
  10. Pet supplies

For a more detailed list of these supplies, see the American Red Cross website. See the ‘prepare now’ web page for a supply list in other languages.

Have a plan, stay informed, and a mobile survival kit on hand. It is a good idea to have a battery operated radio — good for power outages and other emergencies, too.

Science has told us that it is not ‘whether’ Washington State will have a natural hazard occur, but it is ‘when.’ Still, there’s always a nagging question among emergency management officials. Are people really planning for the next “big event”? Are you?

Also, you can purchase disaster kits from various companies and non-profits. And remember… they make great gifts for loved ones!

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