NEW Aquatic Restoration and Creosote Removal pages at DNR!

Bellingham Marine Park before
Bellingham Marine Park before

Curious what restoration projects are happening on state-owned aquatic lands?  As noted in Commissioner Goldmark’s Strategic Plan, cleaning up and restoring the Sound to health by 2020 is a big priority at DNR. In order to showcase the work that is currently being accomplished our new revamped website for aquatic restoration is now live!

Here you can find out about our spotlight projects, future projects, and restoration sites that have been finished. What kind of work does this include?  Beach and nearshore softening, estuary restoration, riparian re-vegetation, side-channel reconnections, and removal of overwater and creosote treated structures.

Bellingham Marine Park after
Bellingham Marine Park after

Why does this work matter? Most aquatic restoration work that is being done improves habitat for forage and migrating fish. The nearshore, which is the land between beach bluffs and deep water, is a crucial aquatic environment for many species and vegetation. Unfortunately many overwater structures, such as docks, marina’s, ports, and houses are built in the nearshore, degrading the natural environment.

Because DNR has the  responsibility to provide commerce opportunities to the people of Washington, not all nearshore activities can be stopped, but they can be altered to benefit aquatic habitats.

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