DNR weekend reading: Public lands boon for birds; sustainable farming restores forestland in China

Mima Mounds
Unique topography is one of the features of DNR's Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve south of Olympia. Photo: DNR.

Here is some weekend reading from DNR about nature, science and the environment…

Green (New York Times blog): A Boon to Birds: Public Preserves
Publicly owned land, ocean and marshes provide habitats for at least half of the American populations of 300 bird species, the Department of Interior reports.

Environment 360: Capturing CO2 from the Air Remains Cost-Prohibitive, Study Says
Systems designed to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere will have a “very limited role” in the fight against global warming, according to a new study by the American Physical Society.

Science Daily: Reforesting Rural Lands in China Pays Big Dividends, Researchers Say
An innovative program to encourage sustainable farming in rural China has helped restore eroded forestland while producing economic gains for many farmers, according to a new study by Stanford University researchers.

The Daily Climate: Floating into the future
A safer generation of airships is trying to usher in a low-carbon future for air cargo. The initial target: Developing markets – China, Africa, northern Canada – where transportation infrastructure is nonexistent.

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