Residential developer plans for wildfire safety

Wildfire risks have increased across the nation as more homes are built in or near forests and other wildlands. Photo:

We’ve seen it happen all too many times. Homes are destroyed in catastrophic wildfires every year. If you live close to the woods or other wildlands, the question is not if but when a wildfire will hit your area.

Can you protect your home and community from being damaged or destroyed? Fortunately, there are many steps you can take: thinning trees, removing brush, and using fire resistant building materials and landscaping, and other Firewise principles.

If you’re searching for a new home close to the woods, have you asked, “Was this development created with wildfire prevention in mind?”

If you live in Spokane’s River Bluff Ranch development, the answer is ‘yes’ as explained in this YouTube video produced by the National Fire Protection Association.

The developer of River Bluff Ranch incorporated Firewise principles, such as defensible spaces, fire breaks, special building materials, and safe routes for people to escape if an evacuation is needed.

If you live in a wildland community, ask if your neighborhood has used proven Firewise principles. Dozens of communities in Washington State have already become Firewise safe. Check out to learn what you can do around your home to reduce wildfire risks this year.

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