Hunting season starts September 1. Where will you need a Discover Pass?


Muzzleloader hunter prepares for a day's outing.
Tom Prior sets out for a day of elk hunting on DNR-managed lands. Photo: Herb Gerhardt/DNR Volunteer.

September 1 is considered the official start of fall hunting season across Washington state. And hunters can access more than 2 million acres of DNR-managed state trust lands.

Here’s what you need to know about where the Discover Pass is required for hunting on DNR-managed lands.

You will need the Discover Pass to park on some of these lands to access hunting opportunities. Find maps and a list of DNR-managed lands requiring a Discover Pass at DNR staff members are installing signs on the lands that require the pass.

You won’t need the pass to hunt on roughly 1 million acres of scattered blocks of undeveloped DNR-managed lands, many of which are in the eastern part of the state.

What about state lands managed by WDFW?
With certain hunting (and fishing) licenses, you won’t need a Discover Pass to park on lands managed by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). Your purchase of one of the following licenses comes with a free WDFW vehicle access pass:

  • Big-game or small-game hunting licenses
  • Western Washington pheasant permit
  • Trapping license
  • Watchable Wildlife decal
  • Saltwater, freshwater or combination recreational fishing license

Learn more about hunting on Washington state lands, including where to buy a license or permit and information about the different hunting seasons.

What about state parks?
Hunting is not permitted in Washington state parks.

Other lands?
Different land ownership or management presents different requirements and permission for hunting. It can be confusing. Here’s some more information to help you:

More about the Discover Pass
The Discover Pass is your ticket to nearly 7 million acres of Washington state recreation lands managed by DNR, WDFW, and State Parks. Your purchase of a Discover Pass helps to keep state recreation land open and accessible.

For more information about the Discover Pass, including how to purchase it, where you’ll need it, and what exemptions apply, go to

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