Going hunting on DNR-managed lands? New map helps you find out where you’ll need a Discover Pass


hunting - Discover Pass map 09-11
DNR's new hunting map provides latitude and longitude information. Click on map to download larger version.

Many of you who like to hunt on state lands have been asking for a better map showing just where on DNR-managed lands you’ll need a Discover Pass.

We’re happy to announce that we just posted a new and improved interactive map on our website that should help you out. For those of you with GPS devices, this map provides you with latitude and longitude coordinates, letting you more closely pinpoint where you’ll need a Discover Pass.

To use the interactive feature, you need a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) or Adobe Acrobat Professional (not free) or an app for your smart phone or mobile device that reads PDF maps (some are free).

To get the latitude and longitude information, save the map to your computer or your smart phone first and then open the file with Acrobat or an app. More detailed directions are on our website or go directly to the map 

Another feature of the map includes an overlay of the game management units (GMUs) managed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Of the more than 3 million acres of DNR-managed state trust lands available for hunting, 1.2 million acres of scattered parcels and undesignated blocks of land can be accessed without a Discover Pass. 

When you purchase your hunting license or permit from WDFW, you receive a vehicle access pass that allows you to park and hunt on WDFW-managed lands, so a Discover Pass is not required. Hunting is not allowed on lands managed by our other partner, Washington State Parks. 

About the Discover Pass
The Discover Pass is your ticket to nearly 7 million acres of state recreation lands managed by DNR, Washington State Parks, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. An annual pass costs $30 and a one-day pass costs $10. (Transaction fees may apply, depending on where you purchase the pass.) Learn more about the Discover Pass at www.discoverpass.wa.gov.

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