Did you hear the tsunami warning test this morning? National Weather Service asks for citizen feedback

Tsunami warningWere you in one of Washington State’s coastal communities between 10:15 and 10:30 this morning? Did you hear a wailing siren? Or did you catch an announcement of a tsunami warning test on radio or television? The Washington Emergency Management Division scheduled a test of the state’s tsunami warning system today, part of a multi-state exercise covering the entire U.S. West Coast.

Some communities tested their tsunami warning sirens; others only tested media and public safety notification channels, including NOAA weather radios.

Here’s a brief online survey to tell the Weather Service how the test went for you.  They’d like to know if people along the coast heard the sirens or other transmitted test messages this morning.

The event is part of National Preparedness Month, which also includes earthquake and other hazards education.

When disasters such as earthquakes or tsunamis occur, local and state emergency officials rely on data, maps, and estimates prepared by DNR’s geologists. DNR has worked with federal agencies and local governments to prepare maps of recommended tsunami evacuation routes for many coastal Washington communities. The department also maps earthquake faults and hazards.