DNR Geology Portal can show earthquake faults, tsunami zones, landslides closest to you

Washington State Geologic Portal
Do you live near a mapped earthquake fault or in a tsunami inundation zone? Click map to use the Washington Interactive Geologic Map

An instructive page on DNR’s website is the Washington Interactive Geologic Map — a web portal into all things geologic about our state. Want to see the nearest mapped earthquake faults to your home? Check out where recent landslides have been mapped? Or, perhaps, you are curious to see how far inland waters of a tsunami would flood? It’s all on DNR’s Washington Interactive Geologic Map, produced and maintained by our Division of Geology and Earth Resources.

This online service allows users to create their own custom geoscience maps, find more information about map features, and download geographic information system (GIS) data from DNR.

And we aren’t the only ones who think it is a great mapping tool! The interactive portal was featured recently on the website of  Esri.com, the company that created the GIS software and other tools used to produce the Washington Interactive Geologic Map

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