DNR’s interactive web portal offers Washington tsunami evacuation maps

Tsunami inundation areas of Washington State. Source: DNR

With the one-year anniversary of the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan approaching, a visit to the Washington State Geologic Information Portal can provide interesting — and useful — information about our risks in Washington State.

Our detailed and multi-layered base map of the state’s geologic features has been sliced and diced a few different ways by the experts in our Geology and Earth Resources Division. For example, the tsunami layer features the base map with an overlay of  tsunami hazard zones, evacuation routes, and assembly areas. Use the address locator tool to find evacuation routes and assembly areas near your home, school or workplace.

Using our interactive maps, you can create, save, and print custom maps, find more information about map features, and download map data for use in a geographic information system (GIS). In addition to a variety of geoscience layers that can be turned on and off, each interactive map has many base layers to choose from, so you can customize your map in any number of ways.

Please note that because of the huge volume of geologic data in these interactive maps, the data loading and identification operations may not be instantaneous (compared,  say, finding the nearest coffee bar on a google map).

Here’s a 2-page fact sheet explaining how to get the most out of the Washington State Geologic Information Portal.

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