Cities, take note: Green infrastructure saves $$$!

urban forests
Urban forests grows tunnel over walkway and provide green infrastructure. photo by DNR

Is your city looking to reduce overall costs of treating water, cooling the urban environment, and improving air quality? Trees are the answer!

Trees are “green infrastructure” that can save municipalities money. There are many different ways to utilize existing wilderness, construct man-made – or engineered – landscapes, and develop innovative stormwater design to reduce overall costs of treating water, cooling our urban environment, improving air quality, and more.

Alliance for Community Trees (ACT) posted an article on its website detailing a recent study by American Rivers, American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), ECONorthwest, and the Water Environment Federation that looks at the potential benefits and savings.

Learn more about green infrastructure on the EPA website.

You can read the full report (“Banking on Green”) on the ASLA website.

For a great example of how green infrastructure can be applied, take a look at the City of Spokane’s SURGE (Spokane Urban Runoff Greenways Ecosystem) projects. Another example is Yakima’s recently released Low Impact Development Stormwater Design Manual.

 See what DNR has to offer for urban and community forests.

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