Sultan School District gains refurbished computers from DNR through state’s Computers for Kids program

Computer lab at Sultan High School
Computers donated by DNR and other agencies provided needed technology for the 2,000 students in Sultan School District. Photo: David Moon.

It’s summertime but not all is quiet in the Sultan School District. While the kids and teachers are gone is when computer technicians like Dave Moon can find time to work on big projects, such as installing dozens of refurbished, donated computers, including more than two dozen this Spring from DNR via the state’s Computers for Kids program.

The personal computers (PCs) used in four computer labs at Sultan High School (see photo) get a good workout. During the school year, the labs and their computers are in almost constant use, Monday through Friday.

Sultan School District relies heavily on donated equipment and a small tech staff (Moon and a part-time student assistant). 

Moon says he and the student technical assistant prepare, repair, set up and deploy almost every computer used by students and staff in the school district.

“We do all the technology in the district on a shoestring budget,” Moon says. “With help from some connections that I
have in the private industry and with the state’s Computers for Learning program, I have not purchased a new computer in eight years.”

Facts about Sultan School District and its use of computer technology in education:

  • Fewer than 2,000 traditional students, plus a number of online-only students
  • Five schools: high school, alternative high school, middle school, and two elementary schools.
  • Serves students from Sultan, Startup, Gold Bar, Grotto, and Index
  • Eleven computer labs (each with 30+ PCs) and seven mini labs (each with fewer than 20 PCs
  • Twelve COW’s (computers on wheels, 15 computers per cart) shared between all the
  • Nearly 1,100 computers in the district

Moon adds: “We are blessed with a community that likes to help.  Our local Lions Club helped us purchase used computers on wheels from a neighboring school district for about 10 percent of the actual value. Between the Lions and our active PTA groups we are in good hands.”

More about Computers for Kids: a program for donating state-owned, surplus computers and computer-related equipment to public school districts anmd educational service districts in Washington state.

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