Tahuya River Horse Camp – non-motorized only again this weekend

Horse and owner at Tahuya River Horse Camp
Tahuya River Horse Camp is a popular camping area year round. Photo: DNR

Tahuya River Horse Camp will be available for non-motorized use only this weekend, so pack up the horses and head out to Tahuya River Horse Camp!

Earlier this year, the Tahuya/Green Mountain Focus Group decided to give equestrian users an opportunity to enjoy the campground without the risk of their horses getting spooked by motorized noise. There will be a trial of allowing only non-motorized access for two weekends a month in July, August, and September.

The following weekends are non-motorized only at Tahuya River Horse Camp:

  • August 10-13
  • September 7-10
  • September 14-17

Looking for off-road opportunities in the area? Head out to Camp Spilman or Kammenga Canyon campgrounds in Tahuya State Forest, down the road near Belfair, for some great off-road riding and camping.

Don’t forget! You need your Discover Pass to access all Tahuya recreation sites by vehicle.

For more information, contact Jesse Sims at 360-801-5097.

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