Mountain bikers rejoice! New Tiger Mountain trail opens September 5

Mountain Bike Rider on East Tiger Mountain
Mountain Bikers enjoy the natural and rugged terrain at East Tiger Mountain. Photo: Sam Jarrett, DNR

Lay first tracks on the new East Tiger Summit Trail on Wednesday, September 5. The Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is opening this 1.4 mile mountain bike trail after nearly a year of construction and hundreds of hours of volunteer support.

Tiger Mountain is a unique, multi-use destination located close to Seattle. It offers exciting mountain bike trails, diverse hiking experiences, paragliding launches, horseback riding opportunities, and is an overall great forest destination for those doing a variety of recreation activities.

The construction of this new mountain bike trail was funded by grants aimed at improving mountain bike experience by building a sustainable network of trails. This first trail has some of the best that Tiger Mountain has to offer with views of Mt. Rainier and a challenging descent through the forest.

The trail will close for the season on October 15.  

Details, details, details. Tell us about the ride…

Mountain Bikers are rewarded at the top of the East Summit Mountain Bike Trail with  outstanding views. Photo: Sam Jarrett, DNR.

The trail begins at the summit of East Tiger Mountain (directions below). Sitting at a 3,000 foot elevation, you will enjoy views of Mt. Rainier to the south. The trail descends almost 500’ elevation through forests, offering a rugged and exciting mountain biking experience. The trail ends at the top of Preston Railroad Grade Trail. Continue down Preston Railroad Grade trail then ride along 2.7 miles of forest road to the Northwest Timber Trail (which takes you back to the trailhead). Future projects will create a trail from the Preston Railroad Grade Trail through the forest to Northwest Timber Trail, which will extend the ride experience even further. Future trails will allow users to make large loops without having to use the forest roads.

Directions to trailhead: Park at the Tiger Summit Trailhead at the summit of Hwy 18. Bike 4 miles along forest roads to the summit of East Tiger Mountain to reach the trailhead. Signs will be posted.

Volunteer today and support mountain biking on East Tiger Mountain

Volunteers working on the East Tiger Summit Trail in Tiger Mountain
Volunteers dedicated hundreds of hours to complete the new East Tiger Summit Trail. Photo: Sam Jarrett, DNR.

East Tiger Mountain is a popular mountain biking destination. Approximately eight miles of trails have been open to mountain bikers since the early 90s.

“Demand for more high-quality, purpose-built mountain bike trails with substantial elevation change, close-in to the Puget Sound population, is increasing,” says Sam Jarrett, DNR Snoqualmie Corridor Recreation Manager.

Opening the East Tiger Summit Trail is the first step in meeting that demand…but DNR needs YOUR help to build more trails.

Trail volunteer work parties happen every week and will continue through the winter.  Visit the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance website for details and to sign up.

Don’t forget to grab your Discover Pass as you head out to enjoy the new trail!

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