Mount Mitchell Peak Trail recreation alert – 10 Road closed

Mount Mitchell in Siouxon NRF
Mount Mitchell (center) in DNR’s Siouxon block is framed by the snow capped peaks of Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams. Photo: Florian Deisenhofer/DNR.

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that the 10 Road, which accesses the Mitchell Peak trail in the Siouxon block, has been closed until further notice. The Siouxon Forest Block is located south of Swift Reservoir and spans Clark and Skamania counties.

The Siouxon Block can still be accessed through the S-1000 Road (see map).

There are numerous hiking alternatives to the Mount Mitchell Peak Trail:

  • Tarbell Trail System – For those looking for an adventure, there are 35 miles of non-motorized trail in the Tarbell Trail System, which includes the Bells Mountain, in Yacolt Burn State Forest
  • Three Corner Rock – Ready for a challenge? The Three Corner Rock trail system may be right for you. Located in the eastern section of the Yacolt Burn State forest, this exciting trail leads you to Three Corner Rock Peak in over 9 miles and a 2,650 elevation gain.
  • Gifford Pinchot National Forest – With over a million acres of forest, Gifford Pinchot National Forest offers hiking adventures for everyone!

Hunters are encouraged to check out hunting opportunities in the Mount St. Helens Wildlife Area. Conditions and access can change rapidly. Be sure to check out this blog on hunting access and fire safety before you head out.

Remember, we have not seen fire conditions like this in our lifetime. Be fire safe.

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