Now’s your chance—Auctions for 6 Irrigated Leases on the Sunny Side of the State

Check out the possibilities: grains,  mint, alfalfa, orchard, vineyard, and more

Public lease auctions in November 15, 16 and 28 for state trust lands on the sunny side

3 photos of agricultural leases: wheat, fruit trees, vineyards.
DNR leases trust lands for irrigated and dryland agriculture, mostly in Eastern Washington. Photos: DNR

Washington DNR is offering at public auction several large parcels of state trust lands to lease for irrigated farming in the sunny rich farmland of Eastern Washington. Not only will you create the life you love, you’ll also earn money for the state’s public schools.

Below you can glimpse the general description of each lease. You’ll see all the auction details on our agricultural leasing webpage. If you have questions, contact DNR’s specific lease managers mentioned on the webpage.

November 15, 2012 Lease Auctions

12-088784 Sand Hollow
Grant County
Minimum of 150 acres up to 233.7 acres Orchard or Vineyard, as proposed by bidder, 24-year one month term.

12-A74381 George
Grant County
280 acres Irrigated Agriculture, 10-year term.
Authorized Crops: Alfalfa, timothy, cereal grains, corn, mint, beans, peas & seed crops

12-A74300 Mattawa
Grant County
Bidder to propose one of two options:
Option 1 – 125 acres of irrigated agricultural crops, 10-year term.
Option 2 – a minimum of 135 acres up to 154.1 acres of orchard or vineyard
and option for bidders to propose irrigated agriculture as an interim use, with a 25-year lease term.

November 16, 2012 Lease Auctions

12-A73504 Clark Road
Franklin County
463.4 acres Irrigated Agriculture, 9-year term.

12-088961 Horrigan Road
Benton County
125.5 acres Irrigated Agriculture, 9-year term.

November 28, 2012 Lease Auction

12-B69125 Perry Road
Spokane County
200 acres Irrigated Agriculture, 10-year term.

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