DNR weekend reading: Sandy, climate change and daylight savings time

South Nolan Natural Resources Conservation Area
DNR’s South Nolan Natural Resources Conservation Area is an atypical coastal forest on the west side of the Olympic Peninsula. This old-growth forest includes wetlands and trees more than 500 years old. Photo: DNR

Here is a selection of news and articles about science, the environment and more, for your DNR Weekend Reading:

National Geographic Daily News: Daylight Saving Time 2012: Why and When Does It End?
Why do we fall back? Does daylight saving time really save energy? Is it bad for your health? Experts answers these and other pressing questions.

Dot Earth (New York Times blog): Lessons from Sandy: Building with Resilience in Mind
A discussion of ways to plan and build with the worst in mind.

National Science Foundation: The Night Life: Why We Need Bats All the Time–Not Just on Halloween
Researchers are identifying the important ecological and economic contributions of bats; gleaning lessons from incredible bat abilities that may advance technology; and helping to battle a new fatal bat epidemic

Science Daily: Efforts to Mitigate Climate Change Must Target Energy Efficiency, Experts Say
A report published October 26 in Nature Climate Change shows that twice as much effort is spent on developing energy supply technologies, such as new power stations, than is spent on improving the efficiency with which energy is used. This inbalance comes at the expense of efficiency in energy end-use where the potential gains are higher. 

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