Miss the recent forest health workshops? Not to worry

Budworm Defoliation
These trees are showing signs of western spruce budworm defoliation

If you’re a small forest landowner who missed one of DNR’s recent forest health workshops, you can still get assistance to learn how to assess the health of your forest.

First, DNR can help you understand what a Forest Health Hazard Warning means for you and your land, specifically if you have forestland in Okanogan, Ferry, Klickitat, or Yakima counties.

The Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark issued a Forest Health Hazard Warning to focus attention and action in these counties to address ongoing forest insect infestations.

The two major culprits that are doing most of the damage in Eastern Washington are the western spruce budworm and pine bark beetles. With help from a forester, you can learn how to identify damage from these insects and evaluate your forest risk factors. A forester can help provide you with financial and technical assistance to improve the health of your forest.

To get assistance from a DNR forester, all you need to do is fill out the Forest Health Hazard Warning Landowner Request Form or you call 855-338-8200 (toll free).

Learn how to identify warning signs that affect the health of your forest. Are trees turning red or brown? Do they have other signs of damage? Are trees blown over or broken from recent storms? How do you know if you have damage or not?

Check out the Forest Health Hazard Warning website for more information and resources.