Make every day a recycling day at work and at home

November 15 is America Recycles DayToday is America Recycles Day. Like other state agencies, DNR recycles mountains of paper, cans, bottles, and food scraps. We even recycle our old computers so they can find new life in school districts that need them.

Another recycling opportunity comes when DNR’s Natural Areas Program finds unwanted (and non historic, non culturally significant) structures on lands acquired as natural areas (such as the Natural Resources Conservation Areas at Mount Si and Woodard Bay). Cedar Creek Correction Center crews help deconstruct these unused structures. We store the reusable materials and to use on other state natural area and trust lands that lands we manage. Cedar siding for DNR work centers and bridge railings at recreation sites are some of the uses we find for these materials. See more examples.

Recycled materials for bridge railings
Volunteers used recycled materials for railings on two bridge projects in Capitol State Forest. Photo: DNR

You may not have an entire building to recycle but that doesn’t mean you can’t help out. Here are some overlooked recycling opportunities in your home or workplace:

  • Tear off the tops of pizza boxes — if they are grease-free, most communities will accept them in recycling bins.
  • Recycle cardboard insulating sleeves from coffee-to-go cups — even if the cup isn’t recyclable, at least the cardboard sleeve is.
  • Keep a small recycling bag or other container in the laundry room and bathroom as well as the kitchen.
  • Recycle on the road by keeping two trash bags in your car: one for trash and one for recyclables. Pre-sorting makes it easier to transfer recyclables to a recycling bin at your destination.

Many community curbside recycling services limit what they will accept. Need to find a place to take all that other recycling ? Here are easy-to-use seach tools from and to find where to take used electronic devices, batteries, and other materials for recycling.

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