Have your say: DNR seeks public comments on mooring buoy plan for Quartermaster Harbor

Boats moored in Dockton, Maury Island.
Vessels moored at Dockton on Maury Island. Photo: Toni Droscher/DNR

Boaters and interested citizens: DNR invites you to comment on a draft management plan for locating mooring buoys on state-owned aquatic lands in Quartermaster Harbor.

You may comment in several ways: by email, mail, or attend a public meeting from 6 to 8 p.m. on December 6 at McMurray Middle School in Vashon.

In addition to seeking comments on the draft plan, DNR is also conducting a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review  of the plan.

With its protected bays and coves, Vashon Island’s Quartermaster Harbor is a popular place for boaters seeking a tranquil anchorage—particularly in Dockton and Burton Cove. The draft Quartermaster Harbor Mooring Buoy Management Plan addresses congestion in the harbor and potential threats to the aquatic environment and navigational safety.

Quartermaster Harbor is also part of the greater Maury Island Environmental Aquatic Reserve, a special designation established in 2004 to recognize and protect the area’s diverse habitats such as eelgrass beds and species such as herring.

Much of the submerged lands in the harbor are state-owned aquatic lands, managed by DNR as a public trust for the people of the state. The mooring buoy management plan applies to the state aquatic lands and does not address mooring on private aquatic lands.

Read our news release about the mooring buoy plan
Quartermaster Harbor Mooring Buoy Management Plan on the web

Have you applied for a mooring buoy yet? DNR is accepting applications for mooring buoy licenses on state-owned aquatic lands in Quartermaster Harbor. Download an application.

For further questions, contact Lisa Randlette, 360-902-1085.   

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