Sno-Park Permit or Discover Pass: What you need to know to play in the snow

What you need for winter recreation on WA state lands

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Before you head out to cross-country ski, snowshoe, snowmobile or just play in the snow on state lands this winter, be sure you have the right permit or pass.

In some cases you’ll either need a Sno-Park Permit or a Discover Pass—or even both.

If you want to go to DNR-managed winter recreation areas east of the Cascades such as Ahtanum, Lily Lake, or Rattlesnake, then a Discover Pass is your ticket for winter fun. The annual Discover Pass is $35 and a day-use pass is $11.50.

A seasonal Sno-Park permit ($40) gives you access to Sno-Parks managed by State Parks and the DNR-managed Mount Tahoma Trail System.

Things get a little more complicated if you just purchase a one-day Sno-Park Permit ($20) and plan to head to certain Sno-Parks. In those cases, you’ll also need a one-day or annual Discover Pass. This applies to the following areas:

  • Crystal Springs Sno-Park
  • Hyak Sno-Park
  • Easton Reload Sno-Park
  • Lake Easton State Park
  • Lake Wenatchee State Park
  • Fields Spring State Park
  • Mount Spokane State Park
  • Mount Tahoma Trail System (managed by DNR)

Download the handy chart developed by DNR and State Parks to find out what kind of pass or permit you’ll need this winter.

Grooming schedule for DNR-managed winter recreation areas
Yes, there’s an official grooming season!  Grooming on trails in Ahtanum, Lily Lake, and Rattlesnake begins December 15 and ends April 1. For more information about these areas, visit the DNR Southeast Region Recreation web page.

For more information and updates on conditions at Mount Tahoma Ski Trails, visit the Mount Tahoma Trails Association. This volunteer non-profit organization maintains a network of 50 miles of trails and several no-fee huts.

For information on all other Sno-Parks, visit the Washington State Parks’ winter recreation web page.

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