City of Spokane and its neighbors take action to protect from future wildfire

Thinning trees and removing brush
Thinning trees and removing brush to reduce wildfire danger to nearby homes and parkland on High Drive Bluff in Spokane. Photo: DNR.

For the High Drive Bluff community, it’s not about if a wildfire will come through…it’s about when a wildfire will come through. As a result, the residents in this neighborhood near Spokane are taking wildfire prevention matters into their own hands.

Funded with a $50,000 grant from the USDA Forest Service and administered through DNR, neighbors are volunteering their time to clear undergrowth, dead debris, and trash along the bluff to help reduce the risk of wildfire. This prevention project will help to calm fire danger when it hits this community.

Proper planning is important for building wildfire-proof communities. See how the prevention project will affect this bluff in the years to come.

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