2012 wrap up: Wildfires were big news this year

A glance back at postings to this blog in 2012 shows that wildfire was a big topic — in terms of the number of stories we posted and the number of people who read them. Here is a look back at 2012 through Ear to the Ground:

1-klone-wildfire-sept-2012Wildfires consumed thousands of acres of forest and brush lands last summer. During August, September and early October, we posted daily (sometimes twice daily) updates about the several large fires burning in the state. For example, our blog, Washington wildfire update: 1 pm, Wednesday, September 12, brought readers up to date about 11 large wildfires burning at one time — most were started by lightning strikes.

2-morning-brief-close-upOne of our most popular posts of the year looked at the people on the frontlines of DNR’s wildfire response: A Day in the Life of a Firefighter: Table Mountain Fire. Our tips for protecting lives and property from wildfires also drew many readers, including our blog: With wildfire threatening Washington State, DNR wants you to be prepared.

3-cascadia-subaone-mapDisaster of another type — earthquakes — drew readers in large numbers to the blog, Washington State’s earthquake and tsunami risks compare to Japan’s.

5-bike-blur-shot-lightBut it wasn’t all gloom and doom in 2012. Many readers were drawn to our blog in early September announcing a new mountain bike trail at popular Tiger Mountain State Forest, near Issaquah (Mountain bikers rejoice! New Tiger Mountain trail opens September 5).

4-hunter_dnrState trust lands are open to many types of outdoor recreation, including hunting in season. With so many wildfires on state, federal and other public lands in the early days of the fall hunt season, many turned to our blog, Hunting Alert: what’s open and how to stay fire safe this season, to see which lands were still open.

reiter-150And for those who enjoy motorized recreation, our several blogs about progress in creating safe riding trails at Reiter Foothills in Snohomish County drew many readers. Two of the more popular blogs about Reiter described the opening of a new motorcycle trail (Riders leave first tracks at Reiter Foothills), and a limited opening of a trail for 4X4s: Trick your rig and get ready for a 4×4 adventure at Reiter Foothills.

6-em_discover_blogAnother blog that drew many readers to Ear to the Ground was: Effective immediately: Discover Pass can now be transferred between two vehicles that described legislation taking effect on March 30.

7-boy-scout-lights-campfireFinally, we share another blog about wildfire: common sense prevention tips as demonstrated by Boy Scouts: You can’t have a campfire without these 5 necessary tips (you have our permission to print this one out and post it on your wall or bulletin board while you wait for spring outdoor recreation weather to show up.

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