Now you see them; soon you won’t: Old toxic creosote pilings in Olympia’s Budd Inlet to be a thing of the past

Removing creosote-treated pilings from a barge.
Contractors transfer the first load of pilings from the barge to a dumpster on the shore of West Bay. Photo: Toni Droscher/DNR

This week, crews from Blackwater Marine began yanking old, defunct creosote pilings and docks from the waters of Budd Inlet, just north of the Washington State Capitol.

When their work is done, there’ll be 400 fewer pilings in the southern part of West Bay.

And, a dilapidated 7,000-square foot dock will also be history.

DNR is working with numerous partners on this creosote-removal project. To learn more about who’s involved and why we are working to rid Washington’s waters of creosote, read our news release.

Blackwater Marine, a private firm out of Kirkland, successfully bid on the job, which is funded by the 2012 Jobs Now Act. This is a great example of how special legislative funding is putting Washington to work AND cleaning up the marine environment at the same time.

Read an article The Olympian about the project.

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