Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark puts DNR’s fire equipment to the test

Peter Goldmark Compound
Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark knows a lot about engines, and doesn’t hesitate to ask DNR staff tough questions to make sure this equipment is the best. Photo by: DNR/Jessica Payne

It was cold Tuesday morning when Commissioner Peter Goldmark arrived at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Compound to examine the newest editions to the agency’s fire truck cavalry.

Although last year’s fire season may still seem fresh for most Washington residents, DNR is already gearing up for the upcoming season.

DNR is making every effort to make sure all of its firefighting equipment is in prime condition and all crew members are extensively trained.

“When the fire bell rings, this equipment gets put to the test. That is why it’s so important to ensure that we have the best possible equipment to put the fire out.” – Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark

This year, 350 seasonal workers are being hired for the 2013 fire season. They will join the 650 permanent personnel during fire training this spring. DNR will staff approximately 96 engines, 3 initial attack crews, and 5 helitack crews. Each engine carries approximately 3,000 feet of fire hose.

Commissioner Peter Goldmark
Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark takes it upon himself to ensure DNR’s new fire equipment is the best possible equipment available. Photo by: DNR/Jessica Payne

DNR still has many openings for seasonal fire workers. If you would like to join the team, visit our jobs page and apply today.

Learn more about DNR’s fire program, gain wildfire information, and find out how to protect your home from potential wildfire on DNR’s Resource Protection webpage.

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