DNR Recreation – Trail Etiquette 101

trail etiquette mountain bike equineThe Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) offers a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities on a limited number of trails. Horseback riders, mountain bikers, and hikers are bound to come across each other while on an adventure. Knowing that everyone wants to have a safe and fun experience on the trails, here is a quick rundown on trail etiquette.

Mountain bikers yield to hikers and equestrian riders. Always. The logic being that cyclists are fast to stop and fast to go, therefore it is easiest for them to yield to all parties.

Equestrian riders have the right-0f-way every time. Horses are large and unpredictable. Its best for everyone’s safety if hikers and bikers yield (on the downhill side) to equestrian riders. Be sure to speak to the rider so the horse will know you are human and wont get spooked.

See something strange? Report it! Call our toll free Forest Watch reporting line at (855)883-8368

Do you have more questions about etiquette on the trail? Send an email to recreation@dnr.wa.gov.