New Capitol State Forest map gets a tip of the hat from ThurstonTalk

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently updated its Capitol State Forest map. Thurston Talk got their hands on a copy of the new map and wrote an article for their website.

The author points out that many trails and roads in the forest have changed over recent years, bringing about the need for updates to the Capitol State Forest map. DNR used the update as an opportunity to improve on the older version of the map.

Front of Capitol State Forest Map

While the new map has increased the accuracy of the listed trails, it also added a few new features. One of these new features mentioned in the article is the Fun Guide. The Fun Guide is a large section of the map dedicated to pointing out several popular features of Capitol State Forest. With points of interest such as best mountain biking loop, most peaceful walk, best drive and best camping, users are guaranteed to find something new whether they’re newcomers or regular visitors to Capitol State Forest.

The author of the article was able to provide an interesting perspective on the map and its new features. Check out the article on Thurston Talk, and for more information on the new Capitol State Forest map check out these related links:

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