Tahuya River Horse Camp to close temporarily, starting May 17

Map of portion of Tahuya State Forest, w/circle drawn around Tahuya River Horse Camp
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Reports of misuse and dangerous behavior have prompted DNR to temporarily close the Tahuya River Horse Camp, beginning Friday, May 17.  We are working with the Tahuya Focus Group and law enforcement to find a solution that will enable us to reopen the campground as soon as possible.

As manager and steward of Washington’s state trust lands, DNR is committed to providing safe and sustainable experiences for recreation users. We also know that most of the people who like to recreate on these lands are law-abiding citizens who want to enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, the actions of a few often affect the majority.

Working together to practice safe and sustainable recreation will help ensure that we—and future generations—have access to these lands.
DNR will continue to do everything it can to provide a safe recreational experience for its many users. We hope to reopen the Tahuya River Horse Camp as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Stay tuned for updates on the reopening of the Tahuya River Horse Camp. For more information, contact Doug McClelland, 206-920-5907.

Find out about other recreation opportunities on state trust lands at www.dnr.wa.gov/recreation.

About state trust lands

Washington state trust lands provide a continuous flow of revenue for specific beneficiaries—such as K-12 education—and benefits for the public. Recreation access to these lands is permitted, provided the activities are compatible with DNR’s management obligations.