Start your engines for the long-awaited opening of DNR’s ORV trails at Reiter!

Come out and ride the new trails at Reiter – Opening this weekend!
Photo by: DNR/Jessica Payne

Blog updated October 22, 2013
Update: Winter schedule began October 1. Trails are open Saturdays and Sundays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., through winter.

At least, the trails will be partially opened. On June 14, the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) opened recently completed ORV trails at Reiter Foothills near Gold Bar for you to fill this summer’s weekends with some rip-roaring action.

Come get some bragging rights
This course was designed with the help of local recreation enthusiasts in the community to give you a challenging, technical, bone-jarring ride that will put even seasoned riders to the test. Don’t you hate it when your friends discover something cool before you do? Don’t wait to hear stories about Reiter. You deserve to tell those tales yourself!

As a rider, you may ask yourself, “Five miles of trails? Is that really worth it?” and we can tell you, “Yes!” But don’t take our word for it — we’re challenging you to come out and see for yourself.

Single Track MapATV Trail Map4x4 Trail Map

Your challenges await
Think you’re a skilled dirt biker? Prove it. Come test your stuff on the Single-Track trails as you race through tight, twisting turns and around obstacles. These trails link up with the ATV trails and create a circuit of demanding tracks that will leave you wiping sweat and dirt out of your huge grin.

Are you brave enough for the 4×4 Obstacle Course? Photos by: DNR/Sue Jensen

Looking for the newest ATV destination? Ride 3 miles from the parking site to reach the trailhead and drive down the first phase of the ATV Crimson Line. ATV trail riders will be amazed at how much fun is packed into this stimulating 1-mile course. This scenic jaunt will give you a taste of what is to come for Reiter ATV trails in the future.

Love to push your tricked-out Jeep to the limits? Experienced 4×4 trail buffs have been amazed at the obstacles, boulders, and stumps built into this challenge course. Read one rider’s epic experience here. The 4×4 community challenged DNR to create a course that could test them (and their ride!). We dare you to see if you can surmount these big boulders.

These trails at Reiter could not have been possible without the hours and expertise donated from the ORV community.
Photo by: DNR/Toni Droscher

Special thanks
Trails at Reiter Foothills Forest could not have been possible without the help of Washington Conservation Corps crews and our outstanding volunteers from the ORV community.

These volunteers helped design, test, build, and critique the new motorized-use trail system. Countless hours were dedicated throughout the entire process. Their input has helped DNR create sustainable trails that truly offer a fun and technical experience to the rider.

You can get involved with building and maintaining your favorite DNR recreation sites near you by visiting our volunteer calendar.

Help DNR & your new trails
Spread the word that it’s a rider’s responsibility to stay on designated trails while visiting Reiter. Make sure you and your friends obey posted signs and stay off trails that aren’t posted as open. This attitude protects riders and DNR staff. It also keeps the construction process from being delayed and costing extra money for repairs that could have been spent on creating a better trail. Bottom line – trails without signage are not designated trails, and therefore are illegal to ride.

Report any illegal activity to DNR’s Forest Watch program at 1-855-883-8368 or

Ready to go?
Print out the maps of the open trails above and take them with you on your trip. Load the gear and head up to Reiter Foothills Forest to ride the finished 3.5 miles of single-track motorcycle trail, 1 mile of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) trail, and almost 2,000 feet of 4×4 trail.

Completed trails are open Saturdays, and Sundays on the following schedule:

Saturdays   9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sundays   9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

During the summer, trails were open to the public on Fridays. As of October 1, Reiter trails are only open Saturdays and Sundays for riding. The trails will stay closed Monday through Friday so DNR can continue building more motorized-use trails for riders. Check out DNR’s press release for more info on the open sections of the trail-system.

From Gold Bar, head east on State Highway 2. Turn left on Reiter Road just outside of Gold Bar. Go 1 mile and stay to the right at the ‘Y’ in the road. Continue on Reiter Road for another 3.1 miles. As you approach the 3.2 mile mark, turn left onto a DNR forest road (commonly known as Deer Flats Road). As you approach the turn, there will be a tree with two bright orange painted dots, an arrow painted on the road with a big “R,” and a DNR sign that says “Construction and Restoration in Progress.” Continue a little further to the parking area, which will be marked.

Don’t forget, you’ll need your Discover Pass to park when you arrive.

Keep posted on all things Reiter
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Have questions or need more information about the new motorized trails at Reiter? Contact David Way Monday – Thursday at 360-333-5741 or Hyden McKown Tursday – Sunday at 360-854-8229.

ReiterPack up the gear and venture to Reiter Foothills Forest!

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