Become one of the 4,000 fans! The Top 5 Reasons to ‘Like’ WashingtonDNR

Head over and ‘Like’ our page to become a fan of DNR on Facebook. Photo by: DNR/Jessica Payne

DNR is running a Facebook campaign to reach the goal of 4,000 fans. Why? Because the more people who follow our page, the more informed you become about your public lands.

Facebook is one of the most important social media platforms we use to let you know about issues, activities, and decisions affecting DNR-managed lands and the natural resources we protect. Here are the top 5 reasons to like our page and become a Facebook fan of DNR:

1. Breaking News Updates
When you become a fan of WashingtonDNR’s Facebook page, you enjoy being the first to learn about what’s happening at DNR and on DNR-managed lands across the state. You’ll be among the first to learn if a bridge has washed out on your favorite recreation trail or if we’ve added a new volunteer event. You’ll learn about DNR projects such as the state’s combined efforts to address marine debris on the Washington coastline. You’ll see opportunities to learn about how to keep your trees healthy—whether you live in the city or have acres of forestlands….and so much more. Don’t wait to learn about a story once it circulates; get your info straight from the source.

2. Disaster Preparedness All Year-Round
DNR works hard to keep you informed on how to keep your families safe. Our beautiful state has the potential for many kinds of hazardous events. DNR shares tips on how to prepare your family for disaster, what to do if a landslide occurs, how to make your home Firewise, and many other safety tips. When disaster strikes, we work with other state, federal, and local resources to get important information out, but we also like to keep you informed every day.

3. Show Your Support
When you ‘like’ us, it shows that you really like us! By becoming our Facebook fan and sharing our posts on your own page, it shows your Facebook friends what you’re passionate about. You stay educated on current DNR issues and events, and you can keep your friends and family informed as well. It’s not always easy to bring up environmental issues at the dinner table, but sharing our posts about ocean acidification is just a click away.

4. Have your voice heard
We carefully read every comment or message posted through our Facebook fan page. We work hard to respond to questions in a timely manner and get you answers. We love the work we do and make an effort to help you love it too.

5. They’re your natural resources!
DNR is Washington State’s largest land manager. We manage a total of 5.6 million acres of state-owned lands. This includes almost 3 million acres of state trust lands managed sustainably to earn funds for public schools, universities and many counties; 2.6 million acres of state-owned aquatic lands (the lands beneath the marine waters such as Puget Sound, and lakes and rivers and many beaches), and 145 thousand acres of natural areas that protect the best examples of Washington’s native ecosystems. Following us on Facebook is one of the easiest ways to keep informed on how we’re managing your natural treasures.

So, head on over to our Facebook fan page and click on ‘like’ to show your support for DNR’s Facebook page. Like, share, and comment away. We’re listening and we appreciate your support!

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