DNR weekend reading: For wind and solar, it’s location, location, location

Mima Falls-Mima Falls Trail
Mima Falls in Capitol State Forest, near Olympia, Washington, is managed by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. Photo: DNR

Here are links to selected articles about recent developments, findings and research about the environment, climate, energy and other topics:

Scientific AmericanLocation May Stymie Wind and Solar Power Benefits
Wind farms and solar installations are often located in places where they will have the least impact on climate and health, a report finds.

Science Daily: Harbor Porpoises Can Thank Their Worst Enemy, the Killer Whale, for Their Success
The harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) is a whale species that is doing quite well in coastal and busy waters. They are found in large numbers throughout the Northern Hemisphere from Mauritania to Alaska, and now researchers explain why these small toothed whales are doing so well: The harbor porpoise can thank their worst enemy, the killer whale, for their success.

University of Exeter: Study reveals significant leakage of carbon stored on land to rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal regions
New research suggests that human activity could be increasing the movement of carbon from land to rivers, estuaries and the coastal zone indicating that large quantities of anthropogenic carbon may be hidden in regions not previously considered.

Princeton Journal Watch
Migrating animals add new depth to how the ocean “breathes”

The oxygen content of the ocean may be subject to frequent ups and downs in a very literal sense — that is, in the form of the numerous sea creatures that dine near the surface at night then submerge into the safety of deeper, darker waters at daybreak.

Houston to Buy Half of its Electricity From Renewable Sources

The city of Houston has agreed to purchase half its electricity from renewable energy sources, a step that makes this oil industry-centric Texas city the nation’s largest municipal buyer of green energy.