Puget Sound Partnership issues update on State of the Sound

Puget SoundCorps team
Members of a Puget SoundCorps team remove creosote-treated logs from Neck Point on Shaw Island in San Juan County in 2012. Photo: DNR.

The Puget Sound Partnership released its “State of the Sound” biennial report late last week. The report, an update on the progress of the recovery of Puget Sound, reveals some positive steps but a lot more work to be done.

Here’s a small sampling of media coverage:

KPLU: Small Steps, but Much Work Ahead for Puget Sound Health

Jefferson Public Radio: New Report: Puget Sound Still In ‘Critical Condition’ But Don’t Unplug Life Support Yet

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DNR’s Aquatic Restoration Program works in partnership with other agencies, nonprofits, businesses and private citizens to improve the health of Puget Sound by removing toxic creosote debris, removing invasive plants and other shoreline restoration projects.¬†