DNR weekend reading: November 16, 2013

West Jackman Creek view
Mount Baker and Baker Lake as seen from West Jackman Creek near Concrete in Skagit County.

Here are links to articles about recent research, discoveries and other news about forests, climate, energy and other science topics gathered by DNR for your weekend reading:

Atmos News: Scientists nearing forecasts of long-lived wildfires
Scientists have developed a new computer modeling technique that offers the promise, for the first time, of producing continually updated daylong predictions of wildfire growth throughout the lifetime of long-lived blazes.

University of Alabama-Huntsville: Warming since 1950s partly caused by El Niño
A natural shift to stronger warm El Niño events in the Pacific Ocean might be responsible for a substantial portion of the global warming recorded during the past 50 years, according to new research at The University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Lignin-Feasting Microbe Holds Promise for Biofuels
Researchers hope that their discovery of a microbe that feasts on the lignin in plant leaf litter will lead them to a more cost-effective process of producing advanced biofuels from wood.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Tracking young salmon’s first moves in the ocean
Basic ocean conditions such as current directions and water temperature play a huge role in determining the behavior of young migrating salmon as they move from rivers and hit ocean waters for the first time, according to new research that is intended to inform restoration policies and practices that will boost endangered salmon species in the Pacific Northwest.

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