DNR weekend reading: Sea star die-off, aquaculture safety, forest health and other topics

Clover Flats
This outhouse at Clover Flats Campground in the Ahtanum State Forest (Yakima County) was buried under several feet of snow last year. Check to see what’s open before you go, and don’t forget your Discover Pass. Photo: DNR.

Here are links to articles about recent research, discoveries and other news about forests, climate, energy and other science topics gathered by DNR for your weekend reading:

Scientific American: Clues Sought for Sea Star Die-Off
From California to Alaska, researchers are searching for the cause of a mysterious and unprecedented die-off of sea stars along North America’s Pacific shores.

University of Illinois at Chicago: Emerald ash borer may have met its match
Woodpeckers find emerald ash borers a handy food source and may slow the spread of this noxious pest, even ultimately controlling it, suggest researchers.

NOAA: Coastal ocean aquaculture can be environmentally sustainable
Specific types of fish farming can be accomplished with minimal or no harm to the coastal ocean environment as long as proper planning and safeguards are in place, concludes researchers at National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science.

Michigan Tech: Why it Snows so Much in the Frozen North
Scientists have long puzzled over the seemingly ceaseless drizzle of snow drifting down from arctic clouds. Now they may have an explanation.

USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station: Study Shows Reforestation along Rivers and Streams in Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley Reduces Sediment Runoff
A modeling study shows that reforesting the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley can significantly reduce runoff from agricultural lands and the amount of sediment entering the area’s rivers and streams — and ultimately the Gulf of Mexico.

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