Watching Washington evolve

Animated GIF showing the geologic evolution of Washington State.
Animated GIF showing the geologic evolution of Washington State (Courtesy of Ian Hubert, DNR). Click to see larger.

Our talented cartographers have put together a great animation showing the evolution of Washington geology. Based on the previous work of geologists Jack Powell and John Figge, the animation shows the growth of terranes (rock formations) through geologic time from the Neoproterozoic (~750 million years ago) to the present. Watch and see how the breakup and reconstitution of ancient supercontinents, and subsequent volcanism and sedimentation resulted in the complex geology we see in Washington State today.

Read more in Washington State Geology News, a DNR blog all about the origin, history and structure of the ground beneath our feet.

Visit the Washington State Geologic Portal to see more maps and information about the minerals, formations and hazards in the land around us.

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