Become a sponsor to students for Arbor Day tree plantings

Kids plant a tree to celebrate Arbor Day.
Kids plant a tree to celebrate Arbor Day.

Tree planting is more important than ever in our modern world of climate change and sustainable practices, and teaching our children to appreciate and love trees should be an important part of their education. Trees lock up carbon dioxide to help reduce global warming; and they not only provide the air that we breathe, but help to keep it clean, too.

A program has been designed to help school kids get involved in tree planting and related activities: Fourth Grade Foresters USA. In its first seven years, Fourth Grade Foresters USA, and the nearly 2,570 local sponsors the program has recruited, have provided more than 505,000 tree seedlings to fourth-graders in 46 states. As a sponsor, you are a partner in a school project that helps children understand the importance of trees and provides tree seedlings for them to plant at home.

Become a Washington State sponsor for Fourth Grade Foresters USA!

There are approximately 78,000 fourth-graders in Washington State. Through Fourth Grade Foresters USA, they can plant a forest of their own – a forest that will benefit everyone for generations to come.

If your community is a Tree City USA, participation in this project is a great addition to the four basic Tree City USA standards. Planting tree seedlings with fourth graders could be a fun part of your community’s Arbor Day observance, and the trees they plant will be a valuable addition to the urban forest.

Sponsors can include nearly everyone: individuals, civic organizations, real estate agents, investment advisors, insurance companies, conservation districts, green businesses—even banks!

There is absolutely no cost to the student, the teachers, the schools, or the school district. The individually packaged 12”-18” trees are available to sponsors for $1.79 per tree. Visit the Fourth Grade Foresters USA website to learn how YOU can encourage kids in your area to be good stewards of the forest we live in by properly planting trees!

For more information, visit: The deadline to participate in this project is March 3, 2014.

For more information or to participate in the project, please contact Sarah Henne at 402-475-5631 or email her at

If you’re interested in becoming a Tree City USA, check out DNR’s Urban and Community Forestry Program website to learn more.

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