Flood watches in wet & wild Washington

Correct method of stacking sandbags to prevent flooding. Image: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Walla Walla.

Forecasts call for a wet week in the Northwest. The National Weather Service expects several more inches of rain across Western Washington in the next few days. Flood watches and warning are a strong possibility.

One of the best all-around websites on all things weather in Western Washington is the Take Winter by Storm website — a public-private sector sponsored information source.

Get the latest weather-related watches, warnings and forecasts for your part of the state from the National Weather Service. Keep a close eye on landslides with DNR’s Shallow Landslide Hazard Map for Washington State.

Warning signs of an impending landslide

If you live on or near a steep slope, here are some warning signs of potential slope instability:

  • Cracks forming in your yard, driveway, sidewalk, foundation or in other structures.
  • Trees on slopes, especially evergreens, start tilting.
  • Doors and windows suddenly become more difficult to open or close.
  • Water begins seeping from hillsides, even during dry weather.

If you see any of these early signs of a potential landslide, immediately contact your city or county.

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