70 years of Smokey Bear, give him a birthday present he won’t forget!

Happy 70th Birthday Smokey Bear
Happy 70th Birthday Smokey Bear

Smokey Bear turns 70 years old this Saturday, August 9, and what better way to celebrate with him than helping to prevent wildfires.

This year, Washington state has experienced the worst wildfire ever in its history; the Carlton Complex fire destroyed at least 300 homes and scorched more than 255,000 acres.

Smokey has been working the prevention circuit since 1944, when the original bear cub deemed ‘Smokey’ was orphaned following a wildfire. Today, Smokey’s message about wildfire prevention is more important than ever.

Mother Nature has caused a lot of wildfires in Washington, but, according to Smokey, nine out of ten wildfires are human-caused. With Washington’s landscape so hot and dry this summer, a fire can start at the drop of any spark, cigarette or ember from a campfire or charcoal briquettes. So please be extremely careful and aware as you go outdoors.

More about Smokey Bear

Does Smokey have a middle name? No! Smokey Bear does not have a middle name. The ‘the’ was added to keep in time with the rhythm of the song.

Smokey Bear’s webpage offers numerous games to make fire prevention fun and educational.

The Dispatch Center takes a quick minute to celebrate Smokey's 70th birthday!
The Dispatch Center takes a quick minute to celebrate Smokey’s 70th birthday!

Whatever you do outdoors, please know that a statewide burn ban is in effect through September 30 on the more than 14 million acres of private and public land protected by DNR.

Many locations in eastern Washington have very high fire danger. Remember, if there’s ever any doubt as to whether you may have a campfire, contact your area’s DNR Region Office, fire district, or fire department to clarify specific regulations in that area.

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