Our “pick-six” blogs from 2014

Happy New YearHappy New Year! Here, in no particular order, are six blog posts from Ear to the Ground during 2014 that drew many views, social media mentions, shares and comments by you and our other readers. Enjoy!

‘Red Lizard’s Lair’ recovered by Quileute Tribe; authenticated by DNR

With nearly all of its pre-European-contact artifacts destroyed in an 1889 fire, Quileute tribal officials and elders were pleased with the discovery this year of an ancient petroglyph depicting an important Quileute legend.

Students’ innovation could change how we respond to fighting wildfires

Sometimes the best ideas come from unexpected places. Say, for example, a handful of Olympia-area middle school students whose science and technology contest entries might someday help make wildland firefighting safer for helicopter pilots.

Region’s landmark mountain also is nation’s most dangerous volcano

Last May – Volcano Awareness Month – we portrayed each of our state’s five active volcanoes, including Mount Rainier, which is among the top ten most-dangerous volcanoes in the world.

Forces of Columbia River displayed on new map poster

A new poster-quality map issued by Washington and Oregon state geologists offers a look at the power of natural systems exposed by the path of the Columbia River.

Celebrate National Dog Day with DNR recreation opportunities

A national celebration urging responsible dog ownership is our ticket to promote responsible use of the hundreds of miles of trails open to hikers (and their pets) on state trust lands.

National Cat Day — We’ve got cats but don’t even think of petting one

The all-outdoor population of felines on DNR-managed trust lands includes cougars, bobcats, and the Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) –- the rarest of the three cat species native to Washington state.