Trees for tomorrow: Webster Forest Nursery seedlings

Webster Forest Nursery
After getting a six-month head start in the Webster Forest Nursery greenhouse (between February and August), these lovely Douglas-fir seedlings were transplanted into the nursery’s outdoor bareroot nursery where they will grow for the next 1.5 years before being offered for sale to small forest landowners.

DNR staff at the Webster Forest Nursery are busy tending to seedlings and working on other tasks that will help DNR and many small private land owners meet the replanting requirements of the State Forest Practices Act. Located just south of Olympia, the Webster Nursery consists of 270 acres of bareroot ground and greenhouses. Each year, the nursery produces between 8 million and 10 million seedlings of various species from seeds selected for their suitability to the soils, microclimates and other local conditions found across the state.

The greenhouse nursery is currently sowing seed to grow 3.5 million container seedlings and the bareroot nursery is lifting, packing, and shipping seedlings. The bareroot nursery currently has 5.9 million seedlings packed with 3.5 million more seedlings remaining in the fields to lift and pack. Summer and early fall tend to be the optimal times to prepare planting sites, scout for planting crews to hire, purchase seedlings and do other preparations for winter planting.

As this winter nears its end, the year’s supply of seedlings is sold out. However, next year’s seedlings will be ready for purchase during fall or early winter of the 2015/2016 season.

Sales of next year’s seedlings begin September 1, 2015. In the meantime, you can learn more by:

After September 1, 2015, place your order by calling 360-902-1234 or toll-free 1-877-890-2626.

Please note: Seedlings must be ordered in bundles of 100. The species and stock produced at the nursery are for large trees and not suitable for most urban sites. When ordering seedlings, it is important to know which species and stock type to plant and we recommend that you seek out a qualified forester to get specific recommendations for your planting site.

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