The Great Gravel Pack-In by horse or horsepower

Ever wondered what it’s like to participate in the Capitol State Forest’s Great Gravel Pack-In? Check out the following clips and become part of a pack train with Ruby, a 7-year-old quarter horse ridden by Cherri Wright. Or, take a spin atop a Yamaha Grizzly 700 with Troy Braley.

Both Ruby and the Grizzly were Great Gravel Pack-In first-timers, though this year marks the event’s 10-year anniversary. Through their efforts, and with the help of sponsors Back Country Horsemen of Washington, the Washington ATV Association and Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club, volunteers and their chosen beasts of burden moved nearly 15,000 pounds of gravel to repair a mile-and-a-half section of trail on Saturday.

The event showcases the combined efforts of all-terrain vehicle riders, horseback riders, mountain bikers, and hikers, who come together to care for the trails they love most. Over the last 10 years Great Gravel Pack-In volunteers have reinforced more than 13 miles of trail in Capitol State Forest.

If it looks like fun, we hope you’ll be like Ruby and the Grizzly and join us next year for your first Great Gravel Pack-In, too.

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