Lesser known trail activity packs in fun

Volunteers are aided by their packgoats on the Little River Trail, in the Olympic Peninsula. Photo: Tony Nastansky/ Evergreen Packgoat Club.

Ever been hiking or horseback riding on one of DNR’s 1,100 miles of trails and come across a mule, burro, llama, or even a goat?

You might be surprised to know that DNR’s trails that allow horses for trail riding also allow packstock.

Many recreationists explore DNR-managed lands with their packstock animals, which make great hiking and horseback riding partners because they’re able to carry supplies.

Mules were part of the volunteer effort at the 2015 Great Gravel Pack-in at the Capitol State Forest. Photo/ DNR.

Want to learn more about packstock companions or try it out for yourself? Get in touch with your local packstock organization, like the Olympia-based Evergreen Packgoat Club, for the best ways to get started.

If you see packstock on the trail, give them the right-of-way as you would for horses, communicate with the handler, and hold your dog’s leash in closely.

For ideas of where to go, visit our statewide interactive recreation map and click on trailheads. Any trail that lists horseback riding as an activity has trails that are open to packstock too.

For more information on lesser known activities on DNR-managed lands go to www.dnr.wa.gov/recrules and click on other activities.

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