Progress climbs on new mountain bike trail

mountain biking
Tyler Salvage, left, and Kevin Schmuck, right, continue construction on a climbing trail in the Tiger Mountain State Forest. Photo/ DNR.

DNR recently opened the new Predator Trail on East Tiger Mountain, and we’re not stopping there.

Two of DNR’s professional trail builders, Tyler Salvage and Kevin Schmuck, have been leading trail construction on a new climbing trail in East Tiger Mountain’s growing mountain bike trail system.

In September, we reached a new milestone on the climbing trail: the halfway mark.

The trail, which will be four miles when finished, is expected to open in Spring of 2016.

This primarily mountain biking trail provides a more direct ascent to higher elevation trails within the 17-mile East Tiger Mountain biking trail system. With the new trail, mountain bikers won’t need to navigate forest roads to make the climb.

mountain biking
A preview of a climbing trail, which is expected to open in spring of 2016. Photo/ DNR.

Funding the trail 
The trail is largely made possible through a Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office grant awarded to DNR’s recreation program.

Learn more
To see more about the climbing trail’s construction, visit our Youtube channel. To learn more about our plans for fun and safe recreation in the Snoqualmie Corridor, check out our Snoqualmie Corridor Recreation Plan, which we published in March.

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